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Archive of old issues (without editorial):
No. 12 of 17.06.2021: NORAM VENTURES: Big comeback ahead! Clickhere
No. 11 of 02.06.2021: HYDROGEN: Net zero CO2... not without H2! Click here
No. 10 of 20.05.2021: SILVER ETF: Underestimated uses? Click here
Nr. 09 vom 06.05.2021: NORAM VENTURES: It will be extremely exciting! Click here
No. 08 as of 22.04.2021: CSPC PHARMACEUTICAL: Stay invested! Click here
No. 07 from 08.04.2021: XIAOMI: Everything speaks for renewed high prices! Click here
Nr. 06 vom 25.03.2021: NORAM VENTURES: Lithium "battle" begins...! Click here
No. 05 as of 11.03.2021: BAYER : Robust operating performance... Buy! Click here
No. 04 of 25.02.2021: XIAOMI : The rumor mill is bubbling... Electric car? Click here
No. 03 of 11.02.2021: BAYER: "Everything will be fine" - Milestone with glyphosate! Click here
No. 02 of 28.01.2021: BALLARD POWER: Sold with +107%! Click here
No. 01 of 14.01.2021: BALLARD POWER: Sold with +81% in 2 months! Click here
No. 26 of 23.12.2020: NORAM VENTURES: Huge upgrade to 38m! Click here
No. 25 as of 10.12.2020: AMS: Innovative as ever - Off to high prices! Click here
No. 24 of 26.11.2020: BALLARD POWER: The train is rolling... +34% in 7 days! Click here
No. 23 of 12.11.2020: AMS: Osram synergies still need some time! Click here
No. 22 of 29.10.2020: LEONTEQ: The fintech professional inspires! Click here
No. 21 of 15.10.2020: TRILLIUM GOLD MINES: Annual performance +356%! Click here
No. 20 of 01.10.2020: MEYER BURGER: Upbeat mood inspires! Click here
No. 19 as of 17.09.2020: BKW: Buy, Hold or "Sell on good news"? Click here
No. 18 of 03.09.2020: XIAOMI: Second ignition catapults us to +76%! Click here
No. 17 of 20.08.2020: SUNRISE: Takeover price stands at CHF 110! Click here
No. 16 of 06.08.2020: TRILLIUM GOLD: +900%, price fireworks continue! Clickhere
No. 15 from 23.07.2020: XIAOMI: A first engine has already fired! Clickhere
No. 14 of 02.07.2020: CONFEDERATION MINERALS: New name and price fireworks! Click here
No. 13 of 18.06.2020: CEMBRA MONEY BANK: 3 weeks, +23.3% gain! Clickhere
Nr. 12 vom 04.06.2020: OIL-ETF: Gap between oil price and stock market! Click here
No. 11 of 21.05.2020: GARRETT MOTION: Plus of 75% already used? Click here
No. 10 of 07.05.2020: AMS: Full speed ahead to new (old) shores! Click here
No. 09 of 23.04.2020: GARRETT MOTION: Top shot for the new mobility! Click here
No. 08 from 09.04.2020: MINENAKTIEN: Historic buying opportunity ahead! Clickhere
No. 07 of 26.03.2020: Opportunities with low oil prices! Clickhere
No. 06 from 12.03.2020: LAFARGEHOLCIM: Everything speaks for this share! Clickhere
No. 05 from 27.02.2020: LEONTEQ on the rise! Clickhere
No. 04 from 13.02.2020: ZURICH will probably also bring joy in 2020! Clickhere
No. 03 from 30.01.2020: LEONTEQ is about to make a comeback! Click here
No. 02 of 16.01.2020: SWATCH GROUP: Quality at sell-out prices! Click here
No. 01 of 04.01.2020: CEMBRA MONEY BANK is in good shape! Click here

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