ECONOMIC INFORMATION - The sample portfolio

Our sample portfolio provides information on important return and risk figures and is thus an indispensable tool for every stock market investor when investing money. Thanks to an easy-to-understand selection grid, readers of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION are able to assess the return and risk parameters of a stock and draw the right conclusions for their own investment decisions.

R1 = lowest risk category, R4 = highest risk category (stocks generally exhibit fluctuation risks)
Fluctuation: Fluctuation range that can be tolerated by the investor (guideline values p.a., fluctuation can be higher)
You will find an example on our reading sample. To the reading sample
A detailed description of the risk categories can be found here: To the risk categories

Maximum share per company at the time of purchase in % of investment assets (does not apply to funds)

Stop-loss limits:
Depends on the investor's personal risk appetite. If you want to limit risks, set a stop-loss limit 10% below the personal purchase price. WI follows the long-term approach and does not place stop-loss limits. In special cases (e.g. accumulated book profits) stop-loss limits are placed.

Fixed assets:
Fixed assets are reported in CHF. The performance is the gross performance on a CHF basis. As a guideline, transaction costs and fees amount to 1% p.a. of the gross performance.
Corporate actions (capital increase, split, dividend, etc.) are charged at the cost price.

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