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The WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION is usually published every 14 days in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The market letter is sent as a PDF file to the registered e-mail address, as well as released in the login area on the website. You will find the exact issue schedule under this link: To the issue schedule.

The free subscription can be cancelled by clicking on the unsubscribe link (which can be found at the bottom of each free subscription mail). To the free subscription

The trial subscription does not have to be cancelled, it expires automatically after 2 months and will not be renewed automatically. To the trial subscription

The premium subscription must be cancelled 2 months before expiration. To the Premium subscription

The trial subscription is the time-reduced version of the Premium subscription and has a term of 2 months (without automatic subscription renewal). The content of the trial subscription is identical to the Premium subscription. Trial subscribers do not have access to the login area of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION. The trial subscription is generally reserved for interested customers who are not yet familiar with the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION. To the trial subscription

Yes, the free subscription costs you nothing and involves no obligations for you. It is usually published every 14 days on Thursdays. With the free subscription to WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION you can gain your first stock market experience free of charge and without any obligations. To the free subscription

Unfortunately, it is not possible to subscribe to the Premium subscription free of charge. In this case, we recommend subscribing to the time-limited trial subscription (2 months) - the content of the trial subscription and the Premium subscription is identical. The trial subscription expires automatically after 2 months and does not have to be cancelled. The trial subscription is reserved for interested customers who are not yet familiar with WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION. To the trial subscription

We are pleased to have won you as a new customer and will give you 2 additional subscription months when you take out the Premium subscription. This means that you will receive WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION for a full 14 months in the first year of subscription. To the Premium subscription

After expiry of the current premium subscription period, the subscription is automatically extended for another year and you will automatically receive the new invoice. Of course you can cancel the subscription at any time, the cancellation period is 2 months before the end of the subscription period. You can find further information under the subscription conditions. To the subscription conditions

Under certain circumstances (longer holiday trip, stay abroad, etc.) we allow the suspension of the current subscription. In this case, the subscription will be extended by the unsubscribed period. In this case, please contact our customer service. kundenservice@remove-this.wi-online.ch


The stock recommendations in the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION stock letter primarily cover the Swiss stock market. Of course, you will also find interesting international investment opportunities as well as recommendations on precious metals and commodities. To the product overview

Our sample portfolio provides information on important return and risk figures and is thus an indispensable aid for every stock market investor when investing money. Thanks to an easy-to-understand selection grid, WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION readers are able to assess the return and risk parameters of a stock and draw the right conclusions for their own investment decisions.

Each stock recommendation is marked with an individual return (GP=profit potential) and risk indicator (R1 to R4) and can thus be tailored to your personal investment risk profile. The following applies: Risk R1 = lowest risk category and risk R4 = highest risk category (equities generally exhibit fluctuation risks).
You can find an example on our reading sample. To the reading sample
A detailed description of the risk categories can be found here: To the risk categories

In the download area of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION (access only for Premium subscribers) you will find 2 documents of the current issue. The "normal" PDF which you can download, save and print, as well as the document which is equipped with the read aloud function. To start the read aloud function, load the document and click on the "play button" in your browser. Please make sure that the loudspeaker is switched on.

In our archive you will find all current issues up to the year 2010 including search options.

The reading sample gives interested readers a first impression of the content and structure of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION. It does not claim to be up-to-date. To the reading sample


Customers domiciled in Switzerland:
After registration, customers domiciled in Switzerland receive an invoice with an orange payment slip by post. You can pay this conveniently via online banking. The payment deadline is 10 days after the invoice date.

Non-Swiss customers:
For new customers resident outside Switzerland, we take the liberty of collecting the amount for the first subscription year(Premium subscription) or the amount for the trial subscription in advance. You will receive further information with our bank details with your registration. After receipt of payment we will open the subscription. Existing customers living outside Switzerland will receive an invoice by post in the following years(Premium subscription) which can then be paid conveniently by bank transfer.

The payment deadline is 10 days after the invoice date.

Generally, there is no right to a refund. However, please contact our customer service in this case. In any case, we can adjust the subscription e-mail address. kundenservice@remove-this.wi-online.ch

When registering for the trial and premium subscription, the invoice is sent by post. For this reason, the correct entry of the address is mandatory.

All data you send us will only be stored for internal purposes. Please note our data protection regulations. To the data protection regulations

Coupon codes are created by us in the course of marketing campaigns and are usually sent by e-mail. They serve to draw the attention of interested readers to a special promotion. Vouchers are personal value credits, non-transferable, non-cumulative and have a time-limited exercise period.

Subscriptions to the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION are personal subscriptions and entitle the holder to receive a personal copy of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION. If you intend to distribute the issues of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION to several persons in the context of an investment club or similar, please contact our customer service and describe your request so that we can set up a legal subscription. kundenservice@remove-this.wi-online.ch

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The Swiss stock market letter WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION

  • Every 14 days 10-12 pages of stock market tips for shares, precious metals and commodities
  • Profit, risk assessment per stock recommendation
  • Editorial with market assessment
  • Actively managed sample portfolio
  • Stock market tips + stock recommendations formulated in an understandable way
  • Advertising-free, independent and objective To thereading sample

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