Risks in trading with financial instruments

About this brochure (Swiss Bankers Association 2019)
The new Financial Services Act (FIDLEG), which will come into force on 1 January 2020, regulates the protection of clients of financial services. It defines the requirements for the faithful, diligent and transparent provision of financial services and stipulates the offering and creation of financial instruments. This also includes the obligation of financial service providers to inform their clients in a simple and comprehensible manner about the general risks involved in dealing with financial instruments.

Broschüre: Risiken im Handel mit FinanzinstrumentenThis brochure is intended to help you make informed investment decisions and enable you to compare the various financial instruments.

About the content
The first part of the brochure contains general information on typical financial services in the investment sector and the risks involved in trading, buying, selling and holding financial instruments in custody. The second part discusses the characteristics and risks of individual financial instruments. In the third part of the brochure you will find more detailed information on specific financial instruments. Finally, we have compiled a glossary at the end of the brochure with the most important terms.

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