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Editorial on the topic:

  • "Dystopia or Utopia?" The situation is precarious, but not yet "public"!

Our latest stock market tip:

  • For now, we exercise restraint. Diverse stocks remain on the radar... from:
    Watch industry: "Wake-up call" for sell-off prices!
    Commodities: Increasing selling pressure?

More comments and stock market tips on the following stocks:

  • DAX: Rise to over 100,000 points...?
  • NEW: Commodities: Increasing selling pressure?
  • NEW: Watch industry: "Wake-up call" for sell-off prices!
  • DKSH
  • POLYPEPTIDE: Obesity = "Fat for Peptides"!
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  • AMS OSRAM: top 10 automaker comes on board!
  • CHAT-GPT: Just a new hype? Pros and cons...!
  • URANIUM ENERGY: Promising starting position!

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The stock recommendations of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION Swiss stock letter are carefully researched and simply formulated. The stock tips contain a clear buy or sell recommendation. Each stock recommendation is marked with an individual price chance and risk assessment in order to do justice to the different investor profiles.

Our experienced experts take a lot of time, analyze the worldwide stock market events and formulate simple, for everyone understandable, relevant stock recommendations and stock market tips with all the important information that is important for specific investment decisions.

Readers of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION stock letter benefit from the many years of stock market expertise of our proven investment specialists. Take advantage of the experience of our stock professionals for your personal investment decisions in order to realize above-average profit opportunities on the stock market.

As freelance financial journalists of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION Schweizer Börsenbrief, we are committed exclusively to our readers. We report independently and objectively on stock market events and present our readers with clear stock market tips and stock recommendations.

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