The subscription conditions of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION

1. general


Under the title WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION, an information sheet is published by the publishing house Landessa AG, 6301 Zug, usually every 14 days.

1.2.The information sheet is intended for personal information. The content is not intended for publication or distribution to third parties.
1.3.Recommendations of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION are made without guarantee. The publisher excludes any liability for material and immaterial damages incurred by the subscriber or other readers of the WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION due to published recommendations.
1.4.All copyrights, publishing rights and other rights of use remain with the publisher.
1.5.Reproduction of all articles, including excerpts, is only permitted with the express permission of the publisher and with reference to the source.

2. scope of validity of the subscription

2.1.The Information Bulletin is delivered within the framework of a subscription contract. The subscription conditions are enclosed with the subscription invoice.
2.2.The subscription begins with the receipt of the order confirmation by the subscriber.
2.3.2 months Premium subscription free of charge: This subscription does not need to be cancelled and will automatically expire after 2 months. You do not enter into a subscription contract.
Free subscription: The subscription is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time.
Trial subscription: The subscription can only be taken out once and expires automatically after 2 months. It does not have to be cancelled and will not be transferred to another subscription.
Premium subscription: Without mutual report of the contracting parties, the subscription will be automatically renewed after the subscription period (=1 year).
Print subscription: Without mutual report of the contracting parties, the subscription will be automatically renewed after the subscription period (=1 year).
2.4.The Premium Subscription and Print Subscription can be cancelled in writing up to two months before the end of the current subscription period. The Free Subscription and the Trial Subscription do not have to be cancelled.

3. subscription prices

3.1.Free subscription: free of charge
Trial subscription: one-time fee Fr. 50.-
Premium subscription: annual fee Fr. 395.-
3.2.Value added tax and postage costs are included in the subscription prices.

4. terms of payment

4.1.Subscription prices (Switzerland) are payable net within 30 days after invoicing.
4.2.Prices for international subscriptions are payable in advance, strictly net, for a full year at the beginning of the subscription period.

5. transitional provisions

5.1.Previous subscription contracts concluded prior to the enactment of these subscription conditions shall be subject to these conditions from the beginning of the next subscription period.

6. final provisions

6.1.The terms and conditions of subscription pursuant to Sections 1.2. to 1.5. shall remain valid even if the subscription is terminated.
6.2.The place of performance and jurisdiction for the subscription contract is Zug.
6.3.These Subscription Terms and Conditions shall apply from 01 April 2016 and replace all previous ones.

01 April 2016