The Swiss stock market letter with simply formulated stock market tips

What is the Swiss stock market letter WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION
WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION has been the best-known and most renowned Swiss stock market letter since 1972. Thanks to our excellent network with exponents from the world of finance and business, we succeed time and again in identifying lucrative profit opportunities at an early stage. Anyone who implements our investment and stock market tips and invests in equities, commodities, precious metals or currencies benefits from this.

Stock recommendations and stock market tips - Investing with the Swiss stock market letter
In times when investors are inundated with financial information every second, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the big picture. WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION provides editorially prepared stock market news and separates important from unimportant information. With simply formulated stock market tips and share recommendations, the Swiss stock market letter thus becomes an indispensable aid to personal investment. Our readers benefit from future stock market profits thanks to our lucrative investment and stock tips!

The investment strategy of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION
With unconventional investment methods, we try with our stock letter to achieve a significant outperformance compared to the current stock market indices. Our sample portfolio, which provides information on important return and risk figures, is an indispensable tool for every stock market investor. Thanks to an easy-to-understand selection grid, readers of theWIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION stock market letterare able to assess the return and risk parameters of a stock and draw the right conclusions for their own investment decisions. It has never been easier to find investments based on your personal investment strategy.

The Swiss stock market letter WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION

  • Every 14 days 10-12 pages of stock market tips for shares, precious metals and commodities
  • Profit, risk assessment per stock recommendation
  • Editorial with market assessment
  • Actively managed sample portfolio
  • Stock market tips + stock recommendations formulated in an understandable way
  • Advertising-free, independent and objective To thereading sample

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