Portfolio and strategy

Crypto portfolio
The crypto portfolio of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION will cover 8-10 projects and the development of their coins in the future. These will be selected according to fundamental data and reflect projects that we believe have great long-term potential. Different application areas should be covered and overlaps should be avoided as much as possible. Meme coins (fun cryptocurrency without a well thought-out use case, such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc.) are not included in the portfolio.

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For the selection we pay attention to the following criteria:

Application areaWhich problem shall be solved?
PartnershipsDo partnerships already exist?
AdoptionIs the cryptocurrency being actively used?
Progress of the projectsIs the roadmap (engl. project plan) being followed?
CompetitionWhat is the progress of the competition?

How much should you invest?
The bull market in cryptos is in full swing. Many cryptocurrencies have already multiplied in price and are no longer cheaply valued (if one can speak of valuation in cryptos). An investment at this point in time is accordingly fraught with greater risk. Therefore, we recommend a gradual build-up of the portfolio. For the time being, only invest a small amount in this new asset class, depending on your risk tolerance. There will always be deep corrections in the double-digit percentage range, which can be used as an entry opportunity. We will draw your attention to these opportunities in our WI issues.