NORAM VENTURES: It will be extremely exciting!

Free Issue No. 09 as of 06.05.2021
After the drilling activities at the lithium company NORAM VENTURES have been largely completed and latest estimates are causing a furore, the excitement is additionally rising due to a recent contract conclusion. The sharp rise in the share price over the past week can be attributed to these facts. And if the estimates are anywhere near correct, new highs for the stock are only a matter of time. But first things first: Drill hole CVZ-67, which was completed at a depth of 153 metres, encountered blue and blue-black mudstone with consistently high lithium grades, peaking at up to 1,220 parts per million (ppm), massively higher than other areas. Based on these qualitative results, there are reportedly new quantitative estimates: From 1.18 million tonnes of recoverable lithium, the amount is said to rise to a "colossal" 38 million tonnes. This is said to result in an equivalent value of approximately USD 57 billion. We cannot guarantee the tonnage and dollar figures, but it would be a "put up" price potential, as the market capitalization is currently only around USD 54 million (73,684,324 shares issued). On the conclusion of the contract: On April 29th, NORAM announced the appointment of ABH Engineering Inc, the absolute specialist in mineral processing technologies, to carry out the initial economic evaluation of the Zeus project in the Clayton Valley (USA). ABH is the fastest growing mining engineering company in Canada and Brent Hilscher is one of the best experts in charge. He is invited worldwide as an expert and speaker, holds his own patents and has worked for well-known companies such as Teck, Goldcorp, New Gold, Barrick, Xstrata, Agnico Eagle and others. He has led design and construction projects for such well-known companies as Teck, New Gold, Barrick, Xstrata, Agnico Eagle and others. World Bank and NASA are also among his clients. ABH's reputation precedes him. NORAM is proud and confident of making rapid and tremendous progress with this support. "Together with ABH's leadership team, NORAM will ensure the best scenario for production as well as positive cash flow," said CFO and Director Anita Algie. And starting in 2022, the supply gap for lithium is expected to increase significantly. Initial price target remains at CAD 1.20!

NORAM VENTURES is listed on the TSX Venture under the symbol NRM, the security number is 40'724'328, last price approx. CAD 0.75

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