NORAM VENTURES: Big comeback ahead!

Free Issue No. 12 of 17.06.2021
The headline is of course "without guarantee", but is based on a direct exchange with the top management of the lithium company NORAM VENTURES. A few days ago we intervened with the "Canadians", because we do not like the transparency and especially the current communication behavior of NORAM at all! Concretely we have placed three questions: 1. why is the homepage already several weeks "under construction", with which any access to news and data is missing? 2. why does the new and elementary resource estimate take longer than announced? 3. how does NORAM justify the low turnover on the stock exchange for days? The answers followed very promptly: 1. the homepage is under construction for a longer period of time because the company is carrying out a completely new rebranding; this is not least because the new, sensational resources will lift the company to a new level. 2. the resource estimation is somewhat protracted because the company does not want to make any mistakes in the figures to be published due to the size of the resources and is therefore subjecting everything to a second check; it wants to consciously take this time. NORAM links the low sales - as we do - to the lack of news due to the rebranding and the outstanding resource estimates, which they also regret, but ask for patience. The final sentence of the management then leads to our headline: "We (NORAM) assure you that NORAM will make all shareholders very happy in the near future"! Their word "in God's ear". However, if all the information so far is correct, significantly higher prices would have to become a fact, if only mathematically (current company valuation in millions versa value of resources in billions). So will the "bombshell" burst soon or is it all "just warm air"? We continue to assume the former and leave the perhaps even too low price target at CAD 1.20!

NORAM VENTURES is listed on the TSX Venture under the symbol NRM, the security number is 11,030,311, last price approx. CAD 0.54.

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