XIAOMI: The rumor mill is bubbling... electric car?

Free Issue No. 04 of 25.02.2021
As reported in the last issue of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATION, the share of the technology group XIAOMI has (temporarily) gone off the rails somewhat due to the "blacklisting" in the USA. However, taking legal action will be crowned with success! However, this was not, as first assumed, the reason for the approximately 10% increase in the share price last Friday. Rather, rumors of XIAOMI's entry into the automotive industry are causing a stir, with "insiders" announcing that the Chinese tech giant is evaluating developing its own car . The project is said to be orchestrated directly by the founder, Lei Jun, who has already "visited" Elon Musk (Tesla) twice. According to the report, XIAOMI management wants to diversify and not fall into a "stagnation trap" in the mobile phone market at some point. We wonder if entering the automotive sector really makes sense, especially since the competition is not small and is ahead of the game. But one trusts XIAOMI to be or become successful here as well, especially since the company has top-class development and research departments. Up to the editorial deadline, the rumors have not yet been confirmed. The core business is running at full speed and the group is also making progress in Europe: the European headquarters are being built in Düsseldorf, where logistics, finances, services and marketing will be managed. We remain "bullish" - with or without automotive fantasy - and leave the price target at EUR 3.90!

XIAOMI is listed on the XETRA in Frankfurt under the symbol 3CP, the security number is 42'399'032, last price approx. EUR 3.07.

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