AMS: Innovative as ever - Off to the highest rates!

Free Issue No. 25 dated 10.12.2020
The chip manufacturer AMS is currently busy with two noteworthy innovations - in addition to its "day-to-day business", which is running well. Let's start with the new temperature measurement, for which AMS has launched the world's most accurate digital body temperature sensor: The name of the product "AS6221" doesn't say much, but the measurement accuracy of +0.09° Celsius is all the more impressive for it. The new sensor, which measures just 1.5 x 1 mm, will be used primarily in medical health monitoring as well as high-demand lifestyle products (e.g. fitness wristbands and smartwatches). But the sensor's breakthrough performance also adds value in high-end electronic devices and data centers (computer systems, servers, etc.). With the AS6221, AMS is expanding its market position in the aforementioned areas, having already offered top products for monitoring blood oxygen saturation, medical imaging systems (e.g. for endoscopy). All products also have high digital output options.

For the second innovation, capital is already flowing to AMS from the Austrian government. Specifically, the company wants to develop a corona sensor that will include a so-called "lateral flow rapid test". This sensor should deliver highly precise results within around 15 minutes. The planned product is based on a spectral sensor, whereby saliva is to be used for the detection of antigens and blood for the detection of antibodies against the virus. The aim is to detect the infection at a very early stage. The test could be produced in large quantities and would be superior to other methods. It does not require complicated logistics or clinical processing. Rather, the results can be immediately digitized and read into appropriate monitoring systems. Two examples, therefore, which should provide further share price momentum. Our price target remains clearly at CHF 35!
AMS is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol AMS, the security number is 24'924'656, last price approx. CHF 23.34.

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