NORAM VENTURES: Huge upgrade to 38 million!

Free Issue #26, 12/23/2020
When we last reported on November 26, the gain on our recommendation (August 2020) for the stock of the lithium company NORAM VENTURES was about +74%. This was "yesterday!" Today, just one month later, we are at a performance of a whopping +141%, but this should be far from the end of the line! This assumption can be supported with the latest drilling results: NORAM VENTURES is reporting further bull's eye results from the ongoing Phase II at the Zeus Lithium Project in Clayton Valley, Nevada. Two drill holes (CVZ-63 and 64) show very thick layers of the same mudstones in the drill cores and the laboratory analysis of these cores is in full swing. Drill hole CVZ-61 has already returned top results. If the latest findings are confirmed, the previous resource estimate of 1.18 million tonnes of lithium would increase to a colossal 38 million tonnes. In terms of the share price, we are also talking about a multiplication in the given case. The 38 million tonne figure is calculated using a 250 metre radius of influence and a conservative specific gravity of 1.74 grams per cm3 of mudstone material. "There are few other projects in the world where such results could be achieved," CFO Anita Algie said.

If lithium resources were to increase by a factor of 4, the extrapolated metal value would be in the range of USD 35 billion. That would be about 820 times as much as the current stock market value! The latter currently corresponds to only USD 14.7 mn. A further comparison with the lithium company Albemarle: the latter has a market value of USD 10 bn, with a "ppm" of only 320 (parts per million); NORAM has a ppm of approx. 1136. Rumours of a purchase agreement with Tesla are also intensifying and global demand for lithium will quadruple from 400,000 tonnes to 1,600,000 tonnes by 2030. Our price target remains clearly at CAD 1.20!

NORAM VENTURES is listed on the TSX Ventures under the symbol NRM, the security number is 40'724'328, last price approx. CAD 0.47.

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