BALLARD POWER: Sold with +107%!

Free Issue No. 02 of 28.01.2021
Question: "Too bad about the investment in the hydrogen share of BALLARD POWER SYSTEMS?" We don't think so, because opinions are suddenly being published these days that may not be entirely dismissible. According to them, the "hydrogen hype" is just a "pipe dream" because green hydrogen is too expensive, too inefficient to produce, store, transport and burn. In addition, all hydrogen stocks are currently valued far too high and most of these companies have only shown losses so far. While the latter is correct, hydrogen technology per se is likely to remain a megatrend of the future. Whoever gets it right, we are happy to sell at USD 34 and thus +107% in a few weeks... and warn against too much "greed" in risk stocks!

BALLARD POWER SYSTEMS is listed on the NASDAQ in New York under the symbol BLDP, the security number is 4'889'034, last price approx. USD 34.66. SOLD/R4/GP +0%

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